TAH Reading Room: Little White Lies



The lie that lies in waited state,
The little white lie so innocent to make.
The lie that nips away at truth,
So little could it undo, say you?
But many who utter its spell undone;
In numbers it slips a gaze over one.
And never again shall the truth appear
When little white lies are all you hear.

Written by Xelinda Aïda

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The time has finally come.  The Arty Hobo Magazine has arrived!  As a literary gastropub for the soul, The Arty Hobo Magazine is dedicated to agitating the mind to free the soul through thought provoking articles, movie recommendations, food explorations and musical musings.  

In this issue, we take a different look at the “motherless” label for those of us who grew up without our biological mothers (or fathers), share part of my journey to freedom, true love and real happiness—yes, it does really exists, get some wings with an original mini-play, The Caterpillar and the Butterfly, learn if what’s good enough for the goose is really good enough for the gander and much more.

The blog will continue to dish out some delectable morsels of wisdom in between magazine issues, so please come back.  Thank you for reading...the literary journey continues!

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Stand Your Ground Law is Unconstitutional

Ever since the Trayvon Martin case lit the airwaves, I have been bothered by the "Stand Your Ground" law.   I am very aware of the tough laws which govern the State of Florida, but to me the "Stand Your Ground" law, had an arm of protection for the defense which, in my opinion, was over reaching.   Even if the "Stand Your Ground" law was not invoked by the defense, it didn't need to be because it is Florida Law and effects everything from jury selection, jury instruction, what evidence can and can't be allowed, how the trial is ran, and how the prosecution can proceed during the trial.
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Shit and Shenanigans™

I've been M.I.A. from The Arty Hobo: Gastropub for the Soul and for good reason. I've been busy with the real life version of the hero's journey (if you don't know what this is please GOOGLE "Joseph Campbell" and get acquainted).   In metaphorical terms, I've slayed the dragon, killed the Kraken, and returned balance to the force.  I can declare TOTAL freedom  for me, the spirit within, which happened three years ago, resulting in the end of the dysfunction of the belief in thoughts-- individually (mind chatter) and collectively (societal indoctrinization).  And now the body- my trusty sidekick, avatar, temple, Millennium Falcon (which happened in a cresendo of shit and shenanigans over the last couple of months, resulting in a body, also cleansed of the corruption of thought and limitations imposed on us by a lost society). Now that I have emerged victorious, I will reap the spoils, but as Shakespeare once wrote, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,"  because even though this is a "crowning achievement," my continued journey which envolves trying to explain the human condition through my own experience, is truly a challenge that has only just begun.

With all of this freedom comes many changes in my life namely The Arty Hobo: A Gastropub for the Soul, which apparently grew up while I was gone, is getting a makeover.  When I first started writing The Arty Hobo, I didn't really know what this writing experience was going to be.  I never thought I'd write a blog, but when the experience came knocking, I was open to it.  I didn't have any real goals but to write from a place of truth about some of the things I've experienced since my life altering, transformational shift three years ago.  Since then, I can only walk in the truth (love), being wholly (not holy) who I am and the blog was just an extension of that.  But since my return to The Arty Hobo, I recognized the blog, which was still in it's infancy when I left, is growing up and manifesting into a real magazine.   So as it's steward, it is my job to help The Arty Hobo become an online magazine which will feature some of the old articles and some new ones in the first, few issues. Stuff like TAH Lounge, TAH Kitchen, TAH Cinema will also be reformatted into the magazine which will make for easier reading and archiving. So like everything The Arty Hobo is changing and growing and we appreciate everyone who has been supportive from the start, the ones who pop by from time to time and others who are just joining.  /So for the next couple of months The Arty Hobo: A Gastropub for the Soul will be under construction-- please, excuse the dust. 

There are many other changes underway in my life, which will be revealed in due time.  All I can say is that I am building an ark, a field of dreams and when it is done, you will come.

Written by:  Xelinda Aïda 

Shit and Shenanigans is a Trademark of The Arty Hobo.
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Academia is Dead

As I wrap up my time here at Syracuse University and reflect on my experience, there are some observations I would like to add as a follow-up to an article I wrote last year when I first began this particular leg in my journey entitled, College... Take 2.  Traditional academia is dead.  That's right I said it.  And yes, I am aware that there are people who have declared many things dead, whether it is God, hip-hop or marriage, however, I make this claim serendipitously though my experience of spending a school year at Syracuse University as an alumnus observer who has spend lots of time in the real world doing real world things, and from my perspective, traditional academia, as I knew it as a undergraduate, is DEAD.  Case in point, it now costs $200,000 to attend Syracuse University for four years (undergraduate level).   To put this in perspective, when I graduated in the mid-90's the same four years cost $100,000, however, when I checked entry level salaries across several disciplines I quickly discovered that the average salary only rose a few thousand dollars (at most $10,000).  At this rate, college has out priced itself, but luckily for most, information is not contained in the university anymore.
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The Trayvon Martin Affect (VERDICT UPDATE: 7/15/13)

      Trayvon Martin                                     George Zimmerman

Many parents are under the misguided notion that it is their job to protect their children. This might be true for the days before they can walk but after that, the parent role goes from protector to teacher/guide. It is your job as a teacher/guide to prepare your child for life, not the Disney version you have envisioned for them in your mind, but the world they will enter into by themselves one day.  Everything that you know you need to teach them, not from a place of fear based on your own hang ups or by repeating what your parents told you, but from a place of awareness so your kids can learn through the truth of your experiences, along with their own observations and experience which will help them develop their own tools for life.
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The Missing Link

Defiant Ones, illustrated by Gustav Rehberger
People don't like to talk about race.  It makes people uncomfortable, angry, defensive.  In the age of the überbrand, and thoughts spelled out in 140 characters or less, race relations is just not sexy, and attempts to repackage it with hyperbole like "the race card" and "reverse discrimination" have enter the lexicon with a resounding thud.  Attempts to whitewash the past by trying to remove what was done from history has brought an unintended lens back to the history and it's explicit ugliness.  Nobody likes to talk about it because no one knows where to start.  The ones who left this legacy are long gone, but the blood-soaked inheritance keeps on giving in a perpetual round-robin system created for the advantage of their offspring.  On the flip side, the ones who bear the striations are endowed with the baggage of pain past and expected to keep up the dwindling flame of a struggle that has become more imagined than real.   Both sides are blinded by their perceived realities of themselves and each other and are chained together on a mental slave ship, rowing face to face, locked in a stalemate of inferior and superior complexes.   What we don't realize is that we are not looking at the enemy of an opposing side, but in the mirror of our opposing self, a cranial confusion of not knowing that one is not outside of the other, but one is the other.
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The KONY 2012 Experiment

Joseph Kony

A couple of days ago, a video showed up in my Facebook news feed entitled KONY 2012.  The video is made by an organization called Invisible Children which, according to their website, "is a movement seeking to end the conflict in Uganda and stop the abduction of children for use as child soldiers."   The organization's goal in making this video is to make Joseph Kony, the leader of a rebellion resistance in Uganda and the Congo in Africa, famous. It is said that Joseph uses children as soldiers to help in the rebellion.  Now the only thing I know about this situation is from US and European sources the very system that Kony is fighting so, right away I must question the information.  Based on history, I don't believe anything coming from the US and Europe when it comes to Africa.  The western forces like to paint anyone in Africa with a broad stroke only to find out that that Europe and America have manipulated the situation for their own financial gain. So in terms of the Joseph Kony story, I DON'T KNOW.  But for the purposes of this post I do know the KONY 2012 video is manipulative.
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I Am Not A Woman

Copyright 2014 The Arty Hobo

I grew up during the feminist era, "I am woman hear me roar...," and "I can bring home the bacon... fry it up in a pan... 'cause I'm a wooooman-- W-O-M-A-N!" were anthems that were a part of the musical tapastry of my childhood.  However, in my mid-twenties,  I started to examine my life juxtapose to the idea of what a woman is suppose to be. I saw boys encouraged to seek out multiple women before settling down while girls were taught to be nice and save it for marriage.  I saw women clamoring to be with in relationships that were far gone, some that never seem to take off, working hard to stay attached as though it was a badge of honor. In my own relationships, my ex-boyfriends expected me to act like the image of the woman in their head according to the past actions of their ex-girlfriends, but that image had nothing to do with me.   I watched my friends get married and have kids, but I just didn't want what they had.  I saw the games that were played, the tears that were cried and then the ring with the question that seemed to make everything all right.  To me that wasn't true love.  So I kept searching.
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Extreme Hoarding

Ever watch one of those hoarding shows on television?  There is usually a person who has been hoarding so many things that their house is full to the brim with stuff.  In many cases, the house is not fit to live in and the tenants must clean up or face losing the house to the authorities.  Many of us watch the show in disbelief and shake our heads at the extreme conditions, even if some of us have the same condition in our own homes but on a smaller scale.  We see what ignited their situation, a husband who passed on, a career on the skids, a drug addiction.  We watch them go though those bins and toss out unnecessary stuff which usually triggers an emotional breakthrough.  By the end of the show they return to their home and the new, clean interiors are revealed.  Well, just like these homes many of us are hoarding thoughts trapped deep in our brains which continue to chatter over and over again.
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