In Celebration of Nothing

I haven't celebrated what we call "Christmas" in quite awhile.  It all started on Christmas a few years ago, when I was sitting in relative's house...again, and feeling quite hallow.  I realized that I didn't want to be there.  I didn't want to do the fake family gathering thing anymore.  In fact, every family holiday had become some strange repetitive ritual, it was that thing that happened every year, the same way every year, that began to lack any real meaning except that family was suppose to attend.  I had grown out of the Christmas gift giving rut a long time ago.   Let's just face it, people are either excited or disappointed in gifts that will be either returned or turned into background noise called our stuff in a couple of months.  It just seemed so odd to me.  As the children went screaming through the house with glee over new toys that I knew would be abandoned in a few months or even weeks, everything in that moment seemed so crystal clear for me-- I'd rather be on the beach in Maui.  Now, I had personally abandoned Christianity many years prior because of historical factors that made following such a religion, or any religion for that matter, simply impossible for me. Note, I don't knock anyone who needs religion, if that is where you are, so be it. I really don't care what you believe in because I love you just the same.  However,  I do not worship or pray to anyone or anything nor do I adhere to any belief system because I know I don't have too, yet I walk in gratitude in honor of EVERYTHING around me because I know we are all one in LOVE without judgment, thus there is no judgment day.
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What Makes Us Mortal

I have heard people say some very interesting things concerning truth.  One of the most popular sayings about truth is that we can't tell the truth all the time because it hurts people's feelings, we should be "kind" instead.  How is lying being kind?  I am really at a lost here.  I have always been an honest person much to the chagrin to others.  If you ask me something I will tell it as it is not as you want it to be.  Now truth should not be confused with opinion.  I recently heard a so-called educated professional say that truth wasn't always a good thing, because if a woman asks him how does she looks in these jeans, he better say great or he could get into trouble. Okay, huh?????  This example, or a variation of it, is always proclaimed by someone supporting lying.  OPINION is not truth.  It is the mortal mistake of wo/men to confuse opinion with truth.  Truth is what actually happens, and opinion is the thought of what has happen.  Truth: The woman is wearing jeans.  Opinion: You think it makes her look fat. The opinion or thought, is judgment, judgment is the opinion or thought.  That is how you know it is not Truth.   I know this seems elementary but too many people make this mistake over and over and over again, to the point that it has affected our society. All we need to do is turn on the television and see the effects of opinion being supplemented for truth.

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The American Delusion

Many people in the U.S. were outraged by these covers from TIME magazine.  What struck me wasn't the covers, but that people in America have no clue that they are repeatedly given water down news both locally and internationally.  In fact, the U.S. doesn't get international news at all.  We get international crisis.  When the Twin Towers fell, I heard the same thing..."THEY hate us."  The reason why people kept saying "they" because they didn't know who "they" were or where places like Saudia Arabia was on the map or the difference between Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Al Queda, and anyone who wears a turban.   Most people didn't even now the history between the Middle Eastern countries and the U.S. went back many years through many presidents and the rise of Al Queda had a lot to do with that history, so when something like 9/11 happens people are lost and confused.  This also happens with other parts of the world where Americans are feed crisis news so often that many are afraid to leave the States.  I have heard people proclaim some of the most ignorant things about the entire continent of Africa (because very few can name an actual country in Africa) or other nations in Asia and South America even though they have never been.

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To Be or Not to Be

For the majority of my life I was not being but doing.  I can't remember what I was so busy doing, but I had lists and plans.  I was busy doing this or that, in the rat race always needing something to attain, some proverbial place to get to, somewhere to go.  Do, do, do, do.  Busy, busy, busy, busy.  Wonka, wonka, wonka, wonka.  But when I had my transformative experience, everything S T O P P E D.  My life, my old way of doing came to a screeching halt. I went into an instant phase of being-- doing absolutely nothing and seeing everything around me function and come to me just by asking (choice) and waiting.  I learned that I didn't have to do anything for something to get done.  The "doing," it turns out, is just a choice to explore whatever it is I am engaged in at the time, that is all.  This was and still is an amazing and humbling thing to experience.
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