Extreme Hoarding

Ever watch one of those hoarding shows on television?  There is usually a person who has been hoarding so many things that their house is full to the brim with stuff.  In many cases, the house is not fit to live in and the tenants must clean up or face losing the house to the authorities.  Many of us watch the show in disbelief and shake our heads at the extreme conditions, even if some of us have the same condition in our own homes but on a smaller scale.  We see what ignited their situation, a husband who passed on, a career on the skids, a drug addiction.  We watch them go though those bins and toss out unnecessary stuff which usually triggers an emotional breakthrough.  By the end of the show they return to their home and the new, clean interiors are revealed.  Well, just like these homes many of us are hoarding thoughts trapped deep in our brains which continue to chatter over and over again.

Now it is said that humans have somewhere between 3,000 and 15,000 thoughts per day.  In fact, I saw a commercial on television making the 3,000 thoughts a day proclamation like it was a good thing, even though most of those thoughts are usually repetitive, negative, and useless, much like the stuff found in a hoarder's home.  Hoarding is the manifested addiction to stuff as self, this is why it is so hard for people to part with these belongings even when they don't belong anymore.  Because hoarders think they are their stuff getting rid of something is like a psychological death.  Likewise, mind chatter is an addiction to thoughts as self and it is hard for people to distinguish between a mere thought and the reality of the world, to the point that the thought becomes the reality.  And this is why it is said say that you create your world with your thoughts.   This addiction to thoughts block your natural happy state, and causes imbalances in one's life because simply put, the thought is not real.

A thought is just a language of the mind, an opinion, a judgment.  What is real is what actually happens, not what someone says, not what someone thinks, but what actually happens in the tangible space.  For example, if someone says, "Tomorrow, I am going to the store to pick up some food," this is just a thought said out loud to someone else, what we call communication. This does not mean that the person is really going to go to the store the next day to pick up food.  The future is unwritten and can not be determined by a mere thought.  Now this might seem elementary, except when the person does not pick up the food the next day and hears this from their spouse, "You said you were going to the store to pick up some food.  Now we have nothing to eat.  I can't depend on you for anything!"  There. Right there, is the beginnings of an argument based on someone believing in a thought over what actually happened.   Acceptance of what happened, which was nothing, is key, but that is usually not the case.  People might recognize this in one aspect in their lives and not another.  Hearing that you might be getting a raise may lead one to start planning vacations and shopping sprees only to feel totally "dejected" and "embarrassed" when one realizes that the raise was only a rumor and there will be no raise after all.  But wasn't it always a rumor. That feeling of dejection and embarrassment is based on what? Nothing.  In fact, everything that a person says is rumor until it actually happens.  Like when politicians or a significant other make promises of things to come in the future and when they are not fulfilled, one conjures up feelings of disappointment and disillusionment.  What is a promise, but a fool's agreement.  In reality, the promise was just a thought spoken out loud.  It is nothing until something actually happens.

So many of us are caught up in our own thoughts and the thoughts of others, their meaning and connotations that humans have become the most self-destructive species on the planet.  I hear people stating that words have meaning and power. No they don't.  In reality, words only have the meaning and the power you give them.  However, since YOU are mentally locked into a collective perception in which YOU believe in words and their meaning, words will have power over YOU.  And because of that, many of us give up our personal power of choice in the name of protecting ourselves from mere words or threats.  Many of us will go into heated battle because of  thought up "feelings" of disrespect by words utter as non-physical assaults.   Many wars have been fought because of someone's suspicious thought of others who are not like them, or thoughts that power can be obtained through conquering people and land.  What is power over others, but an idea of nothing that has been taught to mean something.  Humans have created a whole dysfunctional world based upon the belief of thought as self, "I think therefore I am."  This is just not true.  You are not your thoughts.

In fact, you don't need the thought to do anything. You know how I know.  I don't have mind chatter any more and I have not crumbled into a heap of despair and chaos. When I went through my inner transformation, spiritual awakening and enlightenment or whatever you want to call it,  a year and a half ago, I saw my true self, the light within, the truth, ME.  The thoughts that used go chattering away in my mind ceased.  What was left was an expansion of p e a c e, bliss, wisdom and the stillness of what is.  This is our natural state.  The thought is a lie and a lie can not stand up in the light of the truth, period.  But you know this on some level.  For those who drive, you know that you have driven yourself home without recollection of how you got there because you were so deep into a thought about something not related to the task at hand. You didn't need to think, "Left turn here. Right turn here. Stop at red light. Go on green. Signal for turn, etc.," but somehow you got home.  How? The light hidden within the body, your true self, that's how.  For those of you who are performers (athlete, singer, actor, dancer, etc.), you know that the best performances come when we are completely in the moment, we are one with whatever we are doing, the thoughts in our minds cease and everything seems to go in slow motion.  In that moment, you are experiencing your true self.  Now imagine having that all the time. That is what I experience on a daily basis, without performing or driving, the oneness, the stillness, the true self, which is your salvation, the answer to everything.  This is what is being blocked by the excessive, uncontrollable thoughts swirling around in your head..

You are not a body or a mind with a soul, you are a soul contained within the body, a vessel, a home.  A place you have been filling up with mindless clutter, holding on to things in the past, and not letting the body properly release, such as through tears (this is especially for men who have been indoctrinated to believe that tears are feminine), for fear of being thought of as weak, though ridding yourself from toxic relationships, for fear you might be alone, through listening to the body when it needs certain foods or rest, for fear you might gain weight or miss out on something, and through bringing your body peace by pursing your life's calling, for fear you might fail or succeed.  And just like the hoarders homes that start to get infected with rats, roaches and mold, the body, bogged down by hoarded thoughts, starts to get infected with what we call disease.  It's amazing to me that people will hate their jobs, stay in toxic relationships, take on other people's responsibilities and problems, and be all around negative to their bodies then blame their weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes on a french fry.  So, until you truly know yourself and who you really are, watch your thoughts, clean out your mental space, let go of the past, seek the truth in your life, slow down, be still and LISTEN to your true voice, the voice within, not the thoughts of the mind.

Question everything, including this post and let the answers find you.

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