Academia is Dead

As I wrap up my time here at Syracuse University and reflect on my experience, there are some observations I would like to add as a follow-up to an article I wrote last year when I first began this particular leg in my journey entitled, College... Take 2.  Traditional academia is dead.  That's right I said it.  And yes, I am aware that there are people who have declared many things dead, whether it is God, hip-hop or marriage, however, I make this claim serendipitously though my experience of spending a school year at Syracuse University as an alumnus observer who has spend lots of time in the real world doing real world things, and from my perspective, traditional academia, as I knew it as a undergraduate, is DEAD.  Case in point, it now costs $200,000 to attend Syracuse University for four years (undergraduate level).   To put this in perspective, when I graduated in the mid-90's the same four years cost $100,000, however, when I checked entry level salaries across several disciplines I quickly discovered that the average salary only rose a few thousand dollars (at most $10,000).  At this rate, college has out priced itself, but luckily for most, information is not contained in the university anymore.
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