Shit and Shenanigans™

I've been M.I.A. from The Arty Hobo: Gastropub for the Soul and for good reason. I've been busy with the real life version of the hero's journey (if you don't know what this is please GOOGLE "Joseph Campbell" and get acquainted).   In metaphorical terms, I've slayed the dragon, killed the Kraken, and returned balance to the force.  I can declare TOTAL freedom  for me, the spirit within, which happened three years ago, resulting in the end of the dysfunction of the belief in thoughts-- individually (mind chatter) and collectively (societal indoctrinization).  And now the body- my trusty sidekick, avatar, temple, Millennium Falcon (which happened in a cresendo of shit and shenanigans over the last couple of months, resulting in a body, also cleansed of the corruption of thought and limitations imposed on us by a lost society). Now that I have emerged victorious, I will reap the spoils, but as Shakespeare once wrote, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,"  because even though this is a "crowning achievement," my continued journey which envolves trying to explain the human condition through my own experience, is truly a challenge that has only just begun.

With all of this freedom comes many changes in my life namely The Arty Hobo: A Gastropub for the Soul, which apparently grew up while I was gone, is getting a makeover.  When I first started writing The Arty Hobo, I didn't really know what this writing experience was going to be.  I never thought I'd write a blog, but when the experience came knocking, I was open to it.  I didn't have any real goals but to write from a place of truth about some of the things I've experienced since my life altering, transformational shift three years ago.  Since then, I can only walk in the truth (love), being wholly (not holy) who I am and the blog was just an extension of that.  But since my return to The Arty Hobo, I recognized the blog, which was still in it's infancy when I left, is growing up and manifesting into a real magazine.   So as it's steward, it is my job to help The Arty Hobo become an online magazine which will feature some of the old articles and some new ones in the first, few issues. Stuff like TAH Lounge, TAH Kitchen, TAH Cinema will also be reformatted into the magazine which will make for easier reading and archiving. So like everything The Arty Hobo is changing and growing and we appreciate everyone who has been supportive from the start, the ones who pop by from time to time and others who are just joining.  /So for the next couple of months The Arty Hobo: A Gastropub for the Soul will be under construction-- please, excuse the dust. 

There are many other changes underway in my life, which will be revealed in due time.  All I can say is that I am building an ark, a field of dreams and when it is done, you will come.

Written by:  Xelinda Aïda 

Shit and Shenanigans is a Trademark of The Arty Hobo.
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